Welcome to Societatis Draconistrarum my comrades.

Forged out of the blood of our enemies, bound by desire to uphold our past, and control our future, we invite you to join us in arms against our many enemies.

While we do not accept just any fool within our ranks, we do seek to expand upon our growing clan.

We are individuals, each with our own specific wants and needs, as well as family, bound by blood.

I invite you to come and speak with us, seek the truth for yourself. See if you have what it takes to join us.

Until then, remember, if you are not by our side, then you may just end up impaled on our blades.

Societatis Draconistrarum

*RP PvE/PvP guild on the Darkhaven Server. We seek mature players only, who also have lives, and a good sense of humor. Relaxed atmosphere, but serious about the game. No forced anything! Please contact Draconox or Moribundus in game.