Societatis Draconistrarum Charter


The goal of Societatis Draconistrarum is to bring honor to the guild name, through conduct during daily activities, and to best our characters in every aspect of the game. We are a well respected presence on Darkhaven and throughout the game. When other players come across a member of Societatis Draconistrarum, they should know that they are dealing with an experienced player, who can follow directions, and step up and lead when duty calls.




We pride ourselves in having talented members in every aspect of the game.  Any player that can demonstrate the following will be considered:

  • Ability to think on your feet, and adjust your tactics quickly if situations change.
  • You must be able to follow directions as they are given.
  • Be aware of the wealth of information online to research encounters, tactics, class information, and talent specs.
  • Leadership experience and capabilities are a plus.
  • Must be mature and be able to handle conflicts tactfully.

The following will be required to do instances with us, in most cases:

Ventrilo – for communication


Any member planning an absence from the game should notify leadership so that they may be marked inactive. A member that is not seen on their main for 30 days will be removed from the guild unless notification is given.

Guild Forum

We do expect our members to check the forums as regularly as possible, as all important information relevant to guild activities will be posted there.



Societatis Draconistrarum members are expected to conduct themselves maturely at all times. Remember that the tag shows that you are representing our guild as a whole, and as such, the tag will be removed if you cannot act in a mature manner.

Guild Chat

The are no heavy restrictions on guild chat, so long as you respect other members and keep profanity to a minimum.
Members will not use guild chat for commerce. If you are giving items away, by all means, let the guild know, but selling things via /g is not allowed. There’s is the action house for such activities. If you wish to sell high demand items or crafted items at cost to guildies, you may, just not in /g.
Guild chat is a drama-free zone. If conflicts arise between members, or if you have a complaint or concern, it needs to be taken to tells/whispers, or contact a Council member for mediation. Those who cannot be cordial to other members, or are repeatedly lowering guild morale, will be disciplined, and if there are continued offenses may be removed from the guild, as there can be no cohesive organization when each part cannot perform as a whole. If a member has a problem/issue with an officer, please feel free to talk with the leader.


GW2 Community Forums

Societatis Draconistrarum has a no tolerance policy on guild representation within the community forums. Members of Societatis Draconistrarum will conduct themselves properly on the boards as well as in-game. Please don’t fan the flames or feed the trolls, as you are representing Societatis Draconistrarum as well as yourself.




Scheduling of guild activities will be done in-game through the Forum. Any guild member is free to schedule events and activities.

Dungeons & Instances & World Bosses & Events

For any scheduled events all members signed up are expected to be online and ready to go 15 minutes before hand, and with proper consumables for the run. Please make sure you are geared well enough to do the run to begin with. Also, you are expected to know the encounters that you will face. If you have any questions regarding the run, you should contact your class leader or a council member well ahead of time, and/or do some of your own research.
When signing up for events, you are expected to be signed up 48 hours before the start time. Any sign ups after that would be on standby only. If you cannot make it for some reason, please contact the raid leader in some form, be it in game or on the forum.

Player vs. Player

Societatis Draconistrarum members are skilled in combat, and will conduct themselves honorably at all times. No member will be found corpse camping, spamming, griefing, quest mob culling, exploiting, or otherwise harassing other players.


Societatis Draconistrarum members will try to include each other in five man content so that the guild as a whole can progress in gear, experience, and skill. Scheduled runs will be posted on the Forum so that anyone who wishes to participate will know in advance. Such scheduled runs will be on a first come, first served basis. After the group has exhausted our in-guild player resources is when outsiders will be considered.